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death and red tape

November 27, 2007

we were visited last night by a man named dave roever (; he spoke to a few hundred of us to say “thanks” and give us his testimony, which i enjoyed. saturday night during my swim lesson, our D.O. showed up at the pool to tell me our senior flight nurse’s brother-in-law was dead, that […]

thanksgiving in iraq

November 23, 2007

the day started with a turkey trot 5k.  about 10 of us ran together from the AEOT.  actually, we started together.  one guy finished in just over 20 minutes; two walked it; the rest of us finished in 29-31 minutes. the meal was surprisingly good.  the DFAC closest to where we work was very well decorated […]

aaron tippen visit

November 23, 2007

i was surprised how many songs he sang that i recognized; i actually bought one of his albums 15 years ago, so i enjoyed hearing some music i liked in early highschool.  afterwards, he signed pictures of himself and let us get our picture made with him.  he said after the single “you’ve got to […]

then and now; the list

November 21, 2007

  I asked the folks in the AEOT to make a list of things for which they could be thankful here in Balad.  Then I took a picture of what I found the next day.  The first entry was mine. The top picture is of the inside of my trailer.  I figured I should show an […]

careless care package

November 17, 2007

a few members of our home unit sent a care package that contained several cans of play-doh in different colors. i don’t recall there being black when i was young, but it’s available now. i decided this would be a good look for our shift change briefing, which seemed to give great amusement to the […]


November 16, 2007

i had planned to run some tonight after dinner, but 4 of my flightmates were planning to watch “fred claus” at the theater, so i decided to go along. the movie was better than i thought it would be, and it was nice to see a comedy and laugh a good bit. however, near the […]

lost lizards and absent appendages

November 15, 2007

Those of us who are not extending for an additional rotation (about 1/3 of us) are halfway finished with our stay here, so there’s cause for some excitement in these parts. I’m trying to find reasons related to my current location for which to give thanks, given the upcoming holiday (and my somewhat bad attitude […]

happy vets’ day

November 11, 2007

i have a friend named joe catalino who calls me every veterans’ day…i met him at camp wolf in kuwait city in march 2003, and after my team was forward deployed to iraq, he helped arrange for us to get bottled water and MREs sent on aerovac flights originating out of camp wolf.  last year, […]

grandpa, tell me ’bout the good ol’ days

November 10, 2007

afn has decided not to show the alabama–mississippi state game right now.  instead, tennessee v. arkansas is on.  so, i’m at the computer lab keeping up with the game via yahoo sports (until my 30 minutes runs out; then i’ll wait in line for another 30 minutes of pc time).  i figured i’d type in […]


November 10, 2007

another difference in this deployment is ubiquitous televisions.  compliments of the armed forces network, we have several channels beamed to iraq that allow us to keep up with news, movies, and sports while deployed.  as a matter of fact, we have a large tv in the aeot, so i get to keep up with what […]