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first day off

September 30, 2007

on my first trip here, i did not take a day off in 5 months.  i do not plan to do that again.  i was supposed to take off monday but did not; i decided to do it today, so that i could sleep late after watching alabama’s loss from 1am-4am.  when i did go in […]

first call

September 28, 2007

unfortunately, the trend i referenced earlier in the week ceased, but it did allow our other aircrew from nashville to get a chance to fly a mission.  two of the med techs got their first sorties today, which had them excited.  the squadron DO (director of operations) asked at the beginning of the week to […]


September 28, 2007

MQ-1B Predator plane the AF uses for reconnaissance…these fly overhead every day and night to allow us to see the attackers and stop them before it’s too late. In the background is an F-16, of course. “piloting” the Predator

not yammin’

September 26, 2007

when i was in the 7th grade, a friend of mine gave me a t-shirt for my birthday that had a cartoon of a potato figure on it; it was sitting on a sofa, watching some tv and listening to a jambox.  the caption said “couch potato” at the top and “yammin’” at the bottom.  for […]

the gospel

September 26, 2007

It’s been a while since we’ve had some truly great news. Like 2000 years. That changed today. I made plans to meet the close friend of my youngest cousin this morning; her friend is an army intel officer who’s been here since march. I was early, so I went ahead into the green beans coffeehouse […]


September 26, 2007

this is the area in which we used to live and work in 2003 indoor pool current residential area the alley in which i live my trailer–concrete barriers for mortars latrines showers view from my truck mosque on base–we’re not allowed to visit area where combat support hospital and our tent were 4 years ago […]

if they ain’t dying, we ain’t flying

September 25, 2007

That’s what we say when the tempo slows, and it’s true:  if we don’t have a lot to do, it’s good news, given our mission.  The last few days have had no aerovac missions for us, much to the ambivalent chagrin of our flight crews who want air medals (for which they need 20 combat […]

lonely at the top

September 21, 2007

i know it’s a cliche, but i now know firsthand why it became one. since i arrived here, i have spent every evening after dinner alone. i exercise, bathe, read, and go to sleep. i invite others to come along, but enthusiasm has yet to become action. most of the guys with whom i’d normally […]

images of living and work areas

September 21, 2007

From Atlanta to Balad, a few pics. I tried to pack baby in my A-bag–she wasn’t happy. This picture was taken as soon as my boots hit the ground in Balad on the flightline at sunset. The bus driver, a large civilian woman, said, ‘Don’t tell me you just took a picture on the flightline.” […]

inside an AE mission

September 21, 2007

Shot of a medical aerovac on a C17 flight out of Iraq.